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Yoshimurakana is the creator behind the delightfully twisted Murcielago.



  • Murciélago, Vol. 1

    Murciélago, Vol. 1

    By Yoshimurakana

  • Murciélago, Vol. 2

    Murciélago, Vol. 2

    By Yoshimurakana

    A rich old man has transformed his mansion into a twisted and deadly fun house. His goal: to make a sport of slaughtering Japan's criminal population! Can Kuroko Koumori, psychotic murderer-turned-hired gun for the police, manage to escape? Or will she be taken out by the most perilous of foes--a personal maid with a penchant for dismemberment?

  • Murciélago, Vol. 3

    Murciélago, Vol. 3

    By Yoshimurakana

    As a former mass murderer, Kuroko Koumori knows a thing or two about how killers think. A string of deaths points straight to an ex-con-turned-business mogul who used to skin the faces off his victims. But could it be a red herring? As chaos unfolds at the local amusement park, it might just be Kuroko's partner, Hinako, who's closest to the truth!

  • Murciélago, Vol. 4

    Murciélago, Vol. 4

    By Yoshimurakana

    When Chiyo's friend joins a religious cult called "The Virginal Rose," ex-mass murderer Kuroko infiltrates their ranks for her favorite girlfriend. But could Kuroko actually be converted herself? Their mantra of "no men allowed" might just do it!

  • Murciélago, Vol. 5

    By Yoshimurakana

    A young girl is abducted in the rain and found strangled to death. The police, completely stumped, call ex-mass murderer Kuroko Koumori for help. As more and more girls disappear, can Kuroko solve the case and take down the perp?

  • Murciélago, Vol. 6

    By Yoshimurakana