• Ani-Imo, Vol. 1

    Ani-Imo, Vol. 1

    By Haruko Kurumatani

    In this body, I can do whatever I like to "my sister."

    Youta has always had a soft spot for his twin sister, Hikaru. Soft spoken and docile, she's everything a doting big brother could hope for! But when a freak accident results in the siblings swapping bodies, Youta discovers that his "innocent" little sister is anything but!

    Now trapped in Hikaru's body, Youta becomes the object of his "little sister's" advances--advances she now has the testosterone fueled power to back up! Will Youta ever get his body back in this uproarious forbidden love comedy?

  • Ani-Imo, Vol. 2

    Ani-Imo, Vol. 2

    By Haruko Kurumatani

    If I cheer up, will you do what I say for five minutes?

    When elder brother Youta and kid sister Hikaru get into an accident that switches their bodies, Hikaru (in her brother's body) changes into a fiendish letch, and Youta (in his sister's body) finds himself her "girlfriend." Thrust into a bizarre reality where he's now taking orders from his own body, will Youta ever get himself out of this pinch and back where he belongs?!

  • Ani-Imo, Vol. 3

    Ani-Imo, Vol. 3

    By Haruko Kurumatani

    The siblinghood between "Youta" and "Hikaru" ends today.

    Hikaru is pressuring Youta to take their relationship too far and too fast for her brother, who still can't see Hikaru as anything but a little sister. But Hikaru is unwilling to take "no" for an answer. As tensions escalate between the siblings-turned-lovers, onlookers Oda and Mayama can't help but notice the uncertainty in "Hikaru"--a weakness Oda fully intends to exploit! But the opportunity turns to disaster when Oda and Mayama's hasty pursuit leads to an accident that changes everything...

  • Ani-Imo, Vol. 4

    Ani-Imo, Vol. 4

    By Haruko Kurumatani

    I'll teach you how to live as a girl.

    Despite his trepidations, Youta agrees to check into a love hotel with Yurika in pursuit of the two who now inhabit their bodies. Youta is pleasantly surprised by the hotel accommodations, but surprise turns to shock when he hears moans emanating from Hikaru's neighboring room! The experience leaves Youta deeply shaken. Is he protective of his sister's purity as her big brother, or is it because he wants to defile her himself?!

  • Ani-Imo, Vol. 5

    Ani-Imo, Vol. 5

    By Haruko Kurumatani

    If I look upon my sister's endearing face, I'll die...

    Quite by accident, Youta and Hikaru have finally returned to their original bodies. It should be a happy event, but just because they've reverted back to normal doesn't mean their brother-sister relationship can so easily return to the way it once was. Hikaru is adamant not to lose the momentum she's gained over the past few weeks, but Youta is torn about seeing Hikaru as anything other than his little sister. Now that she's back in her own body and not his, though, it's impossible for him not to notice how attractive the whole Hikaru really is...

  • Ani-Imo, Vol. 6

    Ani-Imo, Vol. 6

    By Haruko Kurumatani

    There's no straddling the fence now--Youta has gone all the way over, head over heels, to embracing his feelings for Hikaru. But now that he's willing to see Hikaru not as his sister but as a lover, Hikaru seems to have slammed on the brakes! No kissing, no touching, and no......
    Could it be that Hikaru is the one unsure of her feelings now? Or is she gearing up to take their relationship in an entirely new direction...?!

  • Ani-Imo, Vol. 7

    Ani-Imo, Vol. 7

    By Haruko Kurumatani

    Despite all the trials he and Hikaru have endured, Youta realizes that, even as they abandon their brother and sister facade, the two have never been of a like mind about the changes in their relationship brought about by the changes in their physical bodies. Seeing Oda and Mayama's relationship blossom has only highlighted Youta's and Hikaru's failure to understand each other's feelings and desires. As Hikaru continues to test Youta's love, Youta struggles to meet her escalating demands and prove to her that he can be the man (in a girl's body) she wants him to be!