Anne Happy
  • Anne Happy, Vol. 1

    Anne Happy, Vol. 1

    By Cotoji

    At Tennomifune Academy, students with "negative karma"-the kids who are practically weighed down by misfortune-are all collected into one place: Class 1-7. On the first day of school, Ruri Hibarigaoka (Hibari) meets fellow 1-7 classmates Anne Hanakoizumi (Hanako), a girl up to her ears in bad luck, and the all-too-frail Botan Kumegawa (...Botan). These fast friends just want to have a fun high school life, but are they pushing their luck...?!

  • Anne Happy, Vol. 2

    Anne Happy, Vol. 2

    By Cotoji

    Class 1-7's sugoroku challenge is in full swing, but even in a class full of students afflicted with "negative karma," Hibari, Hanako, and Botan's collective bad luck is really just staggering...

    When the girls are given an extra assignment to collect lucky items, could this be their opportunity to turn their fortunes around?? Sadly, sour luck won't be their only obstacle!

  • Anne Happy, Vol. 3

    Anne Happy, Vol. 3

    By Cotoji

    In Tennomifune Academy Class 1-7, the lovelorn Ruri Hibarigaoka (Hibari), the luckless Anne Hanakoizumi (Hanako), and the less than healthy Botan Kumegawa (...Botan) are just trying to get by. But add the perpetually lost Hibiki Hagyo and literal chick magnet Ren Ekoda into the mix, and the hijinks explode as these cursed kids tackle an endless lineup of lessons in luck. But who knows what their teacher has cooked up for their upcoming special "happiness exam"...?

  • Anne Happy, Vol. 4

    Anne Happy, Vol. 4

    By Cotoji

    Tennomifune Academy's Class 1-7 is on a trip to summer camp! That's nothing out of the ordinary for your typical teenagers, but for the misfortune-plagued students of the "Happiness Class" it's a surefire recipe for disaster! Can Hibari, Hanako, Botan, Hibiki, and Ren overcome their collective lack of luck, or will their summer memories be filled with endless mishaps?

  • Anne Happy, Vol. 5

    Anne Happy, Vol. 5

    By Cotoji

  • Anne Happy, Vol. 6

    Anne Happy, Vol. 6

    By Cotoji

    It's the Happiness Class's improv performance, and Hanako and the rest of the girls are up! But going onstage isn't so easy. When there's this much concentrated bad luck among the actors, "break a leg" may be more than just a saying!

  • Anne Happy, Vol. 7

    Anne Happy, Vol. 7

    By Cotoji

    It's time for the annual Sports Day at Tennomifune Academy! But between Hibiki's terrible sense of direction, Botan's frail body, and Anne's perpetual magnetism for misfortune, the Happiness Class's chances of winning are slim. What's more, Kodaira-sensei has a surprise in store for her students -- one that will turn the whole event upside down!

  • Anne Happy, Vol. 8

    Anne Happy, Vol. 8

    By Cotoji

    Tennomifune Academy's Sports Day continues, and Hibari is in the Sports Bingo ? Special Race along with her friends! But when it's the disaster-prone students of the Happiness Class against the top talents of the athletics program, is there any hope of avoiding a shutout-especially when some unexpected trouble comes rolling their way?

  • Anne Happy, Vol. 9

    By Cotoji

    The school culture festival and Sports Day at Tennomifune were both full of their ups and downs, but Hibari and her usually unlucky friends managed to pull through with a victory! At last second semester has arrived, bringing along...a special happiness test?!