Aoharu x Machine Gun
  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 1

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 1

    By Naoe

    Hotaru Tachibana is a girl (though all too frequently mistaken for a boy!) with a deep sense of justice. When a classmate informs Hotaru that she was bilked out of her cash by a shady host at a host club, Hotaru immediately rushes to confront the villain only to discover that the con man in question is her new neighbor! Worse, he proposes to settle their feud with firearms! Okay, it turns out that they're just toys, but when Hotaru is soundly defeated, she finds herself sucked into the world of survival games. Is this new world one she can actually escape??

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 2

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 2

    By Naoe

    Tachibana and the others have started to hone their skills in preparation for competing in the TGC, the tournament to decide the strongest survival gamers. But it soon becomes clear that her team, ToyGun Gun, has a dreadful rule, and it's one that absolutely can't be broken...which makes Tachibana's very existence a dangerous thing! Will there be trouble before the TGC can even get underway?!

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 3

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 3

    By Naoe

    Tachibana is up against her most dangerous opponent yet as the first round of the TGC begins. Midori is a veteran survival gamer whose shared past with Matsuoka could spell defeat before the first shots are fired. Tachibana's out for revenge, but also in it for herself-if she can prove she's a valuable asset to the team by helping take down their rivals, surely she'll be safe letting Matsuoka and Yukimura in on her secret...? Which team will win this game when neither can afford to lose!?

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 4

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 4

    By Naoe

    Hotaru's been found Midori! His accusations of deception weigh heavy on Hotaru, who's still lying to her teammates in Toy Gun*Gun about being a girl... Desperate to play with Matsuoka and Yukimura and fight in the TGC again, she decides to tell them the truth. But as she prepares to deliver her confession, she comes face to face with an unexpected proclamation from Matsuoka instead...!!

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 5

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 5

    By Naoe

    Hotaru has been handed her walking papers from Toy Gun Gun, but she's not going down without a fight--or several! Battling her way back on the team will be just the first step if she wants to be a serious competitor, though. And when a face from the past emerges, the hurdles Hotaru has to overcome to secure her spot on the team increase exponentially!

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 6

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 6

    By Naoe

    "Hey, be my dog...You don't want them to find out, do you?"

    Thus begins Tachibana's humiliating life as Haruki's servant. As she contends with Haruki's petty harassment...a familiar face returns to this immature person's life: his twin brother, Haruka. Up against Haruka's bizarre brotherly love, Haruki's behavior does a complete one-eighty...! Will Tachibana get to the bottom of their relationship?!

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 7

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 7

    By Naoe

    Since childhood, Haruki has lagged behind his twin brother, Haruka. Whether it's school or survival games, Haruki just can't seem to measure up. His latest one-on-one battle--ending in a crushing defeat--is the last straw. He lashes out at Hotaru's attempts to help and insists the other members of Toy Gun Gun will never forgive him for quitting. Can the team come together in time for the upcoming TGC? And what will Haruka do when a spot opens up on rival team Star White?

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 8

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 8

    By Naoe

    "We, Star White, will stand with Toy Gun Gun."
    Star White suddenly shows up to join in on the fight against 11 DOGs. When Midori suggests that they temporarily team up, Matsuoka agrees to the plan. What will come of the counter battle that faces the two-man cells of Tachibana and Ichi, Yukimura and Fujimoto, and Matsuoka and Midori!? And what kind of difficult past does Matsuoka share with Midori and Yukimura...?

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 9

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 9

    By Naoe

    "I lost everything...I don't have anything left in this world..."
    Toy Gun Gun and Star White team up for the counter battle against 11 DOGs. While fighting alongside Midori as a two-man cell, a glimpse up at the sky brings memories rushing back to Matsuoka.

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 10

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 10

    By Naoe

    Stage three of Matsuoka's training camp turns out to be a trip to the hot springs! Not wanting to let her teammates down, Hotaru tentatively ventures into the forbidden men's bath...Are her friends finally going to discover her true identity?!

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 11

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 11

    By Naoe

    When Hotaru's mother arrives at Tsukishiro Complex and demands Hotaru be taken off Toy*Gun Gun, even its most steadfast members are shaken to their cores. Despite the fact that the team might not survive Hotaru's loss, much less the TGC, Kane Tachibana wants to take her daughter back to America with her at once! Up against this mama bear who has no patience for weakness, will Matsuoka and his unique approach hit the mark?!

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 12

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 12

    By Naoe

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 13

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 13

    By Naoe

    Star White, five-time champions of the TGC, hit the battlefield for their first match! Even though the odds heavily favor the enemy, Midori attempts to turn the tables by showing off his unbelievable skills! Meanwhile, as Toy*Gun Gun's second match approaches, Midori's and Mattsun's reliance on their old guns eats at Yukimura, who fears the two might go back to being a team like they once were. And his fears, unfounded or otherwise, spell disaster for Toy*Gun Gun...

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 14

    Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 14

    By Naoe

  • Aoharu X Machinegun, Vol. 15

    By Naoe

    The TGC is a far cry from easy, but Toy Gun Gun and Star White are squeaking through close matches! During a break in the fierce fighting, Fujimoto and Ichi reminisce about their fateful encounters with Midori. These seemingly preordained meetings took place during difficult times in their lives, whether in survival games or personally...but just how life-changing were these events?