• Aphorism, Vol. 1

    Aphorism, Vol. 1

    By Karuna Kujo

    Can you see the island in the sky...?

    Most people think it's just a metaphor or some weird hoax, but for those rare students actually capable of spotting the island floating in the sky, they are afforded the opportunity to enroll in Naraka High School. Graduation promises a cushy government job and a life of wealth and prosperity. It almost sounds too good to be true...

    Momiji Rokudou is a first-year who spotted the island and enrolled with dreams of the dazzling life that awaited him, but those dream quickly turn to nightmares when he learns the truth of the old adage, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

    Naraka High School offers a unique education, to be sure. The campus is a killing field floating above the earth, and the only requirement for graduation is survival! Best of luck in your studies, Momiji...

  • Aphorism, Vol. 2

    Aphorism, Vol. 2

    By Karuna Kujo

    With the coming of the next eclipse, Momiji discovers not only that the various trials may be quite different but that he may be more dependent on his classmates than he ever imagined. Still uncertain about how to properly wield his "character," can Momiji survive to face the next challenge much less graduation...?

  • Aphorism, Vol. 3

    Aphorism, Vol. 3

    By Karuna Kujo

    The students of Naraka High School have been struggling, and with no apparent way to combat the recurring "water" eclipse, tensions are running high. When a new threat emerges, though -- one coming from an entirely unexpected direction -- how will Momiji and his friends in Class One cope? Is this an enemy they can't hope to defeat...?

  • Aphorism, Vol. 4

    Aphorism, Vol. 4

    By Karuna Kujo

    His heart "stolen" from his chest by Tomonaga, Momiji's corpse is removed from Naraka's grounds, leaving the rest of Class One to fend for themselves. With no means to defend themselves from their psychotic adversary, Class One's prospects for survival just got a whole lot dimmer.

    Exactly what fuels Tomonaga's frightening bloodlust? And with Momiji dead, what does that mean for his alter ego......?

  • Aphorism, Vol. 5

    By Karuna Kujo

    The confrontation between Class One and Class Four has come to a head, and with Momiji's "better half" back in the fray, Class One might actually have a fighting chance! But if there's one lesson to be learned at Naraka High School, it's to always expect the unexpected...

  • Aphorism, Vol. 6

    Aphorism, Vol. 6

    By Karuna Kujo

    With the battle with Class Four finally behind them, you would think that things would return to (what passes for) normal for Momiji and the rest of Class One. But as Momiji learns more about his "other half," he's feeling more and more uncomfortable in his own skin. The fact that he's using someone else's heart might have a little something to do with that...

    Meanwhile, major revelations about Naraka High School and its history are brought to light. Will this give the students an edge in the coming battles, or just give them even more hardships to contend with?!

  • Aphorism, Vol. 7

    Aphorism, Vol. 7

    By Karuna Kujo

    In a search for the truth about Naraka High School, Sanjuurou and the other students confront the chairman! In the meantime, Momiji must gather his courage and face the dangerous Hakua and Sekia on his own. When his "other half" appears to save the day, it's uncertain whether he's working for the chairman...

    Later, something terrible happens to Hirosue-or does it?! Momiji might not know a particular student as well as he thought he did.

  • Aphorism, Vol. 8

    By Karuna Kujo

    Hokuto and Hotaru lost someone very important to them, prompting them on a quest to find the "Record of Lives," rumored to be at Naraka High School. However, with Yama scheming behind the scenes, will things really work out in the twins' favor?

  • Aphorism, Vol. 9

    Aphorism, Vol. 9

    By Karuna Kujo

    Seething with rage, Momiji Rokudou confronts Yama to demand for Hokuto's life. Yama is his usual blase self, and Momiji's ability goes berserk--revealing the true form of Yama?! With more questions arising, Momiji and his Naraka High School classmates decide they have to speak with Krishna, Momiji's other self...

  • Aphorism, Vol. 10

    By Karuna Kujo

    Naraka High School's mysteries continue to grow... Tobari is visited by a mysterious figure who was supposed to be dead! The rest of the students can't catch a break, either. As another eclipse arrives, they discover a seemingly harmless flower. But is it more dangerous than it appears...?

  • Aphorism, Vol. 11

    Aphorism, Vol. 11

    By Karuna Kujo

    The latest eclipse has separated the students of Naraka High School, scattering them in small groups across a strange land. When they start to reorient themselves, they're suddenly back at school? Did this eclipse sort itself out, or is this challenge more difficult than it appears...?

  • Aphorism, Vol. 12

    By Karuna Kujo

    The students of Naraka High are still in the middle of the "Country" test, divided into teams tackling different areas. Will Momiji and the others be up to this difficult and complicated task?! Just when they think they have a handle on things, things go awry...

  • Aphorism, Vol. 13

    By Karuna Kujo

    Momiji and Krishna must confront the fake Yama in "country" if they want to save Momiji's classmates and rescue Bairi from fake Yama's control. But it doesn't take long before things start to go south, and it doesn't look like anyone will make it out safely from this eclipse...! Will Momiji be the changing tide that the Naraka students need?

  • Aphorism, Vol. 14

    By Karuna Kujo

    In order to end the evil dream of the false god, the students and the son of a true god venture into the underground labyrinth of death. Meanwhile, the inheritor of the false god's unfulfilled dream is resurrecting successive generations of psychopathic warriors. And whether the students like it or not, "Judgment" is coming to send some of them into the hell that even a god fears...