• Barakamon, Vol. 1

    Barakamon, Vol. 1

    By Satsuki Yoshino

  • Barakamon, Vol. 2

    Barakamon, Vol. 2

    By Satsuki Yoshino

  • Barakamon, Vol. 3

    Barakamon, Vol. 3

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    What?! The car's GPS only shows the road...!!

    Kawafuji, the only friend of handsome young calligrapher Seishuu Handa, has come to visit the island...!! However, the lack of cell phone signal and any useful landmarks is preventing the two of them from meeting up!! And who is this Kyousuke Kamisaki who's come along for the ride...? There's a storm brewing in the third volume of this sophisticated (?), heartwarming island comedy!!

  • Barakamon, Vol. 4

    Barakamon, Vol. 4

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    An international call...?
    ...Since when is the island outside the country?!

    Aiming for an autumn calligraphy exhibition, handsome young calligrapher Seishuu Handa sets out to get in touch with his creative side. Meanwhile, a man whose appearance screams "yakuza," landing him well out of place on the peaceful island, puts in a "request" to have Handa write the name on his boat...?! Kick back like a local and enjoy the fourth volume of this heartwarming island comedy!

  • Barakamon, Vol. 5

    Barakamon, Vol. 5

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    This is the most realistic Tarzan make-believe setting that I've ever seen......

    Gaining inspiration from nature, handsome young (and bug-hating) calligrapher Seishuu Handa is making strides in his creative endeavors. But while anguishing over the individuality of his calligraphy, he receives a phone call from Tokyo that could change everything. The tale of bumbling Sensei, who doesn't even hold back against children, and his warm island neighbors trundles into the last days of summer, which bring with them bittersweet memories!

  • Barakamon, Vol. 6

    Barakamon, Vol. 6

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    I can't write, can't write, can't write at alllllllll!!

    Handsome young calligrapher Seishuu Handa has returned to Tokyo for a calligraphy competition. But being away from the island is preventing him from perfecting his work...?! Meanwhile, Sensei's sudden absence is causing turmoil for his island neighbors!
    The Sensei of the city and the people of the island unfurl a mature, heartwarming island comedy as a bountiful autumn approaches in Volume 6!!

  • Barakamon, Vol. 7

    Barakamon, Vol. 7

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    Heeeeeeave hoooooooo!!!

    With the exhibition behind him, handsome young calligrapher Seishuu Handa returns safely from Tokyo. Between a full-moon night spent with the islanders, a grade-school recital, and a discussion of Hiroshi's career plans, life is plenty hectic as autumn arrives at the island! The evening sun warms straight to the heart in Volume 7 of this super-popular hot 'n' hearty island comedy!

  • Barakamon, Vol. 8

    Barakamon, Vol. 8

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    This is bad, bad, bad...!!
    I'm being utterly contaminated by the island!!

    Miwa and Tama leave the island on their middle-school class trip...! While the girls are away, handsome young calligrapher Seishuu Handa attempts his first island broadcast, helps Kuroshi (formerly Hiroshi) prepare for an interview, and completely neglects his calligraphy! And in the middle of all this bustle comes the sudden appearanceof an ambulance?! The eighth volume of this heartwarming island comedy is full of bittersweet persimmons, souvenirs, and good-byes!

  • Barakamon, Vol. 9

    Barakamon, Vol. 9

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    Huff...huff.........huh?! This is not running practice!!

    The villagers have nominated handsome young calligrapher Seishuu Handa to compete in the relay race--the main event of their annual sports festival! But while Handa undertakes some super-secret running practice, Hiroshi goes on a job interview, Tama awaits the results of her manga submission, the adults concentrate on defeating Rokunosaki (the neighboring village) and the kids do their best to keep up with the adults!

    Everyone's hard at work in Volume 9 of this super-popular, hot 'n' hearty island comedy!!

  • Barakamon, Vol. 10

    Barakamon, Vol. 10

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    Don't lose sight of what you set out to do!

    The cold north wind sets in on the island and handsome young calligrapher Seishuu Handa longs for his winter clothes. But instead of Kawafuji making the delivery, Handa's parents decide to make their island debut--and come bearing much more than just winter clothes...! Double the trouble arrives on the island in this chaotic, hot 'n' hearty comedy! Go back to the country and back to the basics in Volume 10 of Barakamon!

  • Barakamon, Vol. 11

    Barakamon, Vol. 11

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    Damn it!! I'm getting married and leaving this crazy island!!!! (teary)

    Handa's parents' true motivation for coming to the island is made clear-an arranged m-m-m-marriage?!!

    Will handsome young calligrapher Seishuu Handa find the resolve to meet his fate?!

    Add in a fight with the neighboring village's own handsome young guy, Kazuma Higashino, and Hiroshi's spate of delinquency, and you get the super-chaotic Volume 11 of this hot 'n' hearty island comedy!!

  • Barakamon, Vol. 12

    Barakamon, Vol. 12

    By Satsuki Yoshino

  • Barakamon, Vol. 13

    Barakamon, Vol. 13

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    Ya can't see the sunset from here.
    Tagging along on Handa-sensei's visit home, Naru finally arrives in Tokyo! Trains, tall buildings, the zoo-the big city's full of amazing first experiences! But what will Handa decide when his dad asks him to come back to Tokyo? Volume 13 promises growth, courage, and farewells!

  • Barakamon, Vol. 14

    Barakamon, Vol. 14

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    Reality is tough, but...surely, the future must be bright.
    Handa-sensei has returned from Tokyo with a new declaration--he's going to start his own calligraphy school! But will he find any students!? But when an unusually cold winter brings rare snow to the island, is Handa prepared to hibernate the time away...?

  • Barakamon, Vol. 15

    Barakamon, Vol. 15

    By Satsuki Yoshino

  • Barakamon, Vol. 16

    Barakamon, Vol. 16

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    Life never seems to get easier for Handa-sensei in this funny, heartwarming slice-of-life series!

  • Barakamon, Vol. 17

    Barakamon, Vol. 17

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    Spring is coming, but without Hiroshi, the villagers are in a bit of a funk. What will Handa-sensei do to cheer everyone up? Find out in Volume 17 of this hot 'n' hearty island comedy!

  • Barakamon, Vol. 18

    By Satsuki Yoshino

    It's been a year since Handa arrived on the island, and a lot has changed for the residents of Nanatsutake Village. Hiroshi's in Tokyo, Miwa and her friends have graduation on their minds, and Naru and her classmates are going into their second year of elementary school. With everyone looking to the future, the time to say goodbye approaches in the final volume of Barakamon.