Black Detective
  • Black Detective, Vol. 1

    Black Detective, Vol. 1

    By Yen Hioka

    The detectives are supposed to be the good guys, right...?

    That's certainly what Arata Toiro used to think, but after having his first brush with a real-life detective, suddenly he's not so sure. I mean, there's no question that even though he's still just a teenager, Yoh Kuroba is a gifted sleuth. It's just that he seems to have a peculiar predilection for making his adversaries writhe more than just catching them... That's really not normal, is it?

    Either way, now that he's found himself bullied into a position of playing Watson to Kuroba's Holmes, it seems that Toiro will have plenty of opportunities to find out!

  • Black Detective, Vol. 2

    Black Detective, Vol. 2

    By Yen Hioka

    Toiro's adventures as assistant to (or is that servant of...?) the sadistic Kuroba continue, starting with a case that strikes a little too close to home! When Toiro discovers a bit about Kuroba's past, though, is the young sleuth really someone who can be trusted...?

    Who is the mysterious "W," and just how is he connected to Kuroba's secrets...?

  • Black Detective, Vol. 3

    Black Detective, Vol. 3

    By Yen Hioka

  • Black Detective, Vol. 4

    By Yen Hioka

    As "W"'s murders become increasingly brazen, Kuroba, Usami, and Toiro resolve to take the battle to their enemy! Unearthing "W"'s true identity, though, may have made the fight a bit too personal as the killer sets his sights on a new identity and a new target -- Toiro!

  • Black Detective, Vol. 5

    Black Detective, Vol. 5

    By Yen Hioka

    It's Kuroba's final showdown with the mass murderer known as "W"! But when the two square off, who will emerge victorious -- the sociopath or the super-sadist?!

  • Black Detective, Vol. 6

    Black Detective, Vol. 6

    By Yen Hioka

    As a new rival steps onto the scene, Kuroba finds himself in an unfamiliar situation -- being one step behind!

    With new information about the "Duke" surfacing, Kuroba must make a decision: will this peculiar fellow become friend or foe...?

  • Black Detective, Vol. 7

    Black Detective, Vol. 7

    By Yen Hioka

    Only through the death of the aggressor will the victim find salvation.
    In the name of "noble obligation," Duke Ashfield has continued to lay his personal brand of judgment on those he deems to be criminals. It's something Kuroba could never accept--but what if the duke's next target is his own father's murderer?