Dragons Rioting
  • Dragons Rioting, Vol. 1

    Dragons Rioting, Vol. 1

    By Tsuyoshi Watanabe

    Rintaro's got a problem: Sexual arousal can be deadly for him. This is terribly inconvenient when he's admitted to a former girls' academy where 99 percent of the student body is female! And worse, school supremacy is a Vicious power struggle centered around three powerful girls--the Dragons!

  • Dragons Rioting, Vol. 2

    Dragons Rioting, Vol. 2

    By Tsuyoshi Watanabe

    If Rintaro falls prey to eye candy, he could die. So it's just his luck that Mell, his new arcade buddy, happens to be the heavenly ruling tiger, one of the few girls who can hold her own against the dragons. But when the dragon of storming jade, Rino, appears with her own agenda, it seems that she and Mell harbor a deep dark past--and now Rintaro's at the center of it...! It's a girl-ridden panic with no sign of escape!

  • Dragons Rioting, Vol. 3

    Dragons Rioting, Vol. 3

    By Tsuyoshi Watanabe

    It's time for the Cordial Competition, in which the winner gets to make any one school rule that they wish. The challenge is a dance-off, and Rintaro finds himself paired with one of the three dragons--Kyoka! But the challenge of undergoing special training with the highly exposed Kyoka in her enormous estate is something else altogether! What maladies, misconceptions, and mishaps await?! Will it be a never-ending survival dance in an overexposed hell??

  • Dragons Rioting, Vol. 4

    Dragons Rioting, Vol. 4

    By Tsuyoshi Watanabe

    A swimsuit thief strikes! But when Rintaro searches for the culprit, he accidentally accuses a legendary dragon: the Dragon of Severe Waves Ren--who is also the Dragon of Storming Jade Rino's older sister! While conducting her own investigation, Keiko is attacked by a mysterious black beast! Now there's a black shadow enveloping the school...! Oh boy, the culprit this time around is seriously tough. This looks like a job for Furuhata...er, that is, Rintaro Tachibana.

  • Dragons Rioting, Vol. 5

    Dragons Rioting, Vol. 5

    By Tsuyoshi Watanabe

    Having somehow survived his first semester, Rintaro returns home to enjoy a peaceful summer break. Except Ayane and Rurina decide to tag along--just in time for the annoying opening of the summer festival! But somehow...two people with knowledge of Ayane's past show up...?!

  • Dragons Rioting, Vol. 6

    Dragons Rioting, Vol. 6

    By Tsuyoshi Watanabe

  • Dragons Rioting, Vol. 7

    Dragons Rioting, Vol. 7

    By Tsuyoshi Watanabe

    Rintaro has declared his intent to become one of the Dragons of Nangokuren High School. and to achieve the necessary support, he's also running for student council president! But his opponent is the blond bombshell Ema, an American exchange student and mixed martial arts champion whose popularity is through the roof! Does Rintaro have any hope of winning, or will he have to concede this election?

  • Dragons Rioting, Vol. 8

    Dragons Rioting, Vol. 8

    By Tsuyoshi Watanabe

    The school of Black Mist and Dark Skies have suddenly shown up at Nangokuren and a four on four fight is declared! Will Rintaro and the Dragons of Nangokuren make it out on top...?

  • Dragons Rioting, Vol. 9

    Dragons Rioting, Vol. 9

    By Tsuyoshi Watanabe

    Rintaro and the other Dragons of Nangokuren fight to save their school! Saizo and his forces are in trouble, but desperation makes for a dangerous enemy. Can Asuna use her extensive training from Rintaro to overcome the final opponent? And could Rintaro finally learn the secret to vanquishing his greatest enemy-his lethal erection? It all ends here in this final volume of Dragons Rioting!