First Love Monster
  • First Love Monster, Vol. 1

    First Love Monster, Vol. 1

    By Akira Hiyoshimaru

    When you find out who I really am...if you can still say you like me, then I'll be your boyfriend.

    When fifteen-year-old Kaho Nikaidou leaves her sheltered home to start life anew in Tokyo, the last thing she expects is to nearly get hit by a truck! Saved in the nick of time by a handsome stranger, Kaho falls head over heels for him and boldly confesses her feelings. The handsome object of Kaho's affection agrees to go out with her, but her newfound bliss is short lived when it turns out that her new a fifth grader?!

  • First Love Monster, Vol. 2

    First Love Monster, Vol. 2

    By Akira Hiyoshimaru

    Kaho isn't a thing. You can't treat girls like objects.

    Although high schooler Kaho and fifth grader Kanade have started dating, Kaho is constantly at the mercy of Kanade's childish whims. And when a mysterious hottie with a Kansai accent--whom Kanade happens to call "Aniki"--arrives, will unimaginable trials await the couple's blossoming love?!
    A fast-paced super-love comedy filled with madcap heart-throbbing mayhem!

  • First Love Monster, Vol. 3

    First Love Monster, Vol. 3

    By Akira Hiyoshimaru

    I'm not the type who can be friends with an ex-girlfriend.

    After fifth grader Kanade fails to Hula-Hoop two hundred times in a row, he suddenly declares that he wants to break up with Kaho! Though his behavior only rubs more salt in Kaho's wounded heart, it appears he has been acting somewhat strangely ever since...?!

    Is an impossible true love about to be born?! Don't miss the nonstop, high energy, heart-throbbing romantic comedy!

  • First Love Monster, Vol. 4

    First Love Monster, Vol. 4

    By Akira Hiyoshimaru

    Though Kaho and Kanade break up due to Kanade's own immaturity, the fifth grader soon realizes just how precious Kaho is to him. Which leads to the completely mature actions of chasing her home, serenading her with piano-accompanied love songs, and even making an emergency marriage proposal?! Surely the age gap between the two means marriage is impossible--but Kaho and Kanade tentatively exchange vows! Meanwhile, it seems like a new threat is waiting to test the young couple's relationship--and that busty high school girl and devilish college student are at the center of it!

  • First Love Monster, Vol. 5

    First Love Monster, Vol. 5

    By Akira Hiyoshimaru

    Snooping into Kanade's diary has yielded more questions than answers for Kaho. She is no closer to learning the nature of her fifth-grade boyfriend's feelings for her, but she has discovered a rather passionate entry about another girl! Just who is "Sadako"?!! The uncertainty only adds to her anxiety, which has been steadily building since Taga's stolen kiss. As obstacles (and a crazy supporting cast) compound, will Kaho and Kanade be able to sustain their first love?

  • First Love Monster, Vol. 6

    First Love Monster, Vol. 6

    By Akira Hiyoshimaru

    Kaho tells Kanade about her kiss with Atsushi. Any normal boyfriend would get mad, but Kanade only smiles back! Amid these complicated feelings, she ends up alone with Atsushi. Is this the start of a love triangle?

  • First Love Monster, Vol. 7

    First Love Monster, Vol. 7

    By Akira Hiyoshimaru

    Kanade works hard to make the perfect birthday present for Kaho, but when he tries to deliver it, he catches her kissing Taga in the rain! Heartbroken, Kanade runs away, leaving everyone back at Kasumi Residency desperate to bring him home...but Kaho doesn't know how to face him anymore! Will their fragile romance weather this storm?

  • First Love Monster, Vol. 8

    First Love Monster, Vol. 8

    By Akira Hiyoshimaru

    (Volume 7)

    Adults who kiss even though they're not in love are weird. Kanade worked hard on the perfect hand-made birthday present to give Kaho for her birthday. But when he goes to give it to her, he catches Taga kissing Kaho in the rain! What will happen to this fragile romance?