Goblin Slayer (manga)
  • Goblin Slayer, Vol. 1 (manga)

    Goblin Slayer, Vol. 1 (manga)

    By Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki

    A young priestess joins her first adventuring party but almost immediately encounters the most unspeakable horrors. Rescued by an enigmatic warrior called Goblin Slayer, she partners with her savior on his mission to exterminate all goblins-by any means necessary. When rumors of Goblin Slayer's feats begin circulating, there's no telling who might come calling next...

  • Goblin Slayer, Vol. 2 (manga)

    Goblin Slayer, Vol. 2 (manga)

    By Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki

    A high elf, a dwarf, and a lizardman walk into a bar...with a mission for Goblin Slayer! The revival of the dark gods has brought chaos to the lands, with an army of demons closing in on the horizon! However, Goblin Slayer's here for one job and one job only: slaying goblins. Can the new trio gain his trust and win him to their side before the end of the world as they know it...?

  • Goblin Slayer, Vol. 3 (manga)

    Goblin Slayer, Vol. 3 (manga)

    By Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki

    There's never a dull moment for Goblin Slayer, as this time, his enemy seeks to strike where it'll hurt him most-Cow Girl's farm! Though he's hopelessly outnumbered, Goblin Slayer prepares to make his final stand. Of course, he could ask his guild mates for help, but who would take on a request with such high risk for such a low reward? Will they rise to his call, or is this the end for Goblin Slayer...?!

  • Goblin Slayer, Vol. 4 (manga)

    Goblin Slayer, Vol. 4 (manga)

    By Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki

    Goblin Slayer makes good on a promise to go on a "proper adventure," but it seems he has a one track mind, as always. He and his companions accept a quest from Sword Maiden that takes them deep into a labyrinthine sewer...

  • Goblin Slayer, Vol. 5 (manga)

    Goblin Slayer, Vol. 5 (manga)

    By Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki

    On their mission from Sword Maiden, Goblin Slayer and his party find themselves ambushed by a horde led by a goblin champion! As imposing as this threat is, though, it can't remotely prepare the adventurers for the demonic familiar they are shocked to discover guarding the goblins' secrets...What fresh horrors dwell beneath the water town?

  • Goblin Slayer, Vol. 6 (manga)

    Goblin Slayer, Vol. 6 (manga)

    By Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki

    A grudge match kicks off between Goblin Slayer and the Goblin Champion, hungry for revenge. But without the aid of fire, water, or poison, what kind of secret weapon will Goblin Slayer use against his mortal foes this time? Will the great mystery of the ruins beneath Water Town be solved once and for all...?

  • Goblin Slayer, Vol. 7 (manga)

    Goblin Slayer, Vol. 7 (manga)

    By Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki

    The Harvest Festival draws near, and Goblin Slayer plans to celebrate by spending the morning with Cow Girl and the afternoon with Guild Girl. The Guild Hall's bulletin board is free of goblin-slaying quests, and the city seems to be at peace. Nevertheless, Goblin Slayer feels something is amiss... On the day of the festival, how will he reply to what both women have to say? Within these pages lies the thrilling, stunning climax to Goblin Slayer's...day off!

  • Goblin Slayer, Vol. 8 (manga)

    By Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki