Hero Tales
  • Hero Tales, Vol. 3

    Hero Tales, Vol. 3

    By Hiromu Arakawa, Huang Jin Zhou

    Sneaking into the palace and meeting with the emperor has given Taitou renewed hope for the country, but it has also drawn soldiers to Touyuu Temple. As Taitou and the others escape, Ryuushou stays behind to hold off the attackers. His sacrifice buys some time, but they don't get far before Taitou finds himself face-to-face with Keirou and a contingent of Genrou-Tou soldiers. Though Taitou's skills have improved, he is still no match for his rival. Once again, someone is left behind as Taitou makes his escape. As the number of victims in Hagun's wake grows, will Taitou's resolve falter or will he continue to move forward?

  • Hero Tales, Vol. 5

    Hero Tales, Vol. 5

    By Hiromu Arakawa, Huang Jin Zhou

    The loss of his friend Housei still weighs heavily on Taitou's heart, as does the betrayal of the priest Ryuukou. But with Keirou poised to throw the Ken Empire into chaos and violence, Taitou's determination to protect those who remain with him (and his brother, the overthrown emperor) drives him again to the capital.
    The stars Tonrou and Hagun are ever at odds, and as their avatars, Keirou and Taitou are destined to meet and do battle for supremacy. When the time comes, will Taitou have all of the divine warriors on his side, or will he stand to face the wrath of Keirou alone?