• JUDGE, Vol. 1

    JUDGE, Vol. 1

    By Yoshiki Tonogai

  • JUDGE, Vol. 2

    JUDGE, Vol. 2

    By Yoshiki Tonogai

  • JUDGE, Vol. 3

    JUDGE, Vol. 3

    By Yoshiki Tonogai

  • JUDGE, Vol. 4

    JUDGE, Vol. 4

    By Yoshiki Tonogai

    "You are not the only ones playing this game."

    Do clues discovered in a new room herald nothing more than a new despair? Soon the brutal sentencing of the third Judgment is visited upon the participants. Who here is the victim, and who the perpetrator?Until all is revealed, time is on no one's side...

  • JUDGE, Vol. 5

    JUDGE, Vol. 5

    By Yoshiki Tonogai

    It's time to clear the docket.

    Who could possibly be responsible for this game? That question swirls among the participants, who grow more desperate as they are forced to make one horrific choice after another. The game is to conclude when the requisite four survivors have been determined. For these four fortunates, court will be adjourned...but what awaits them on the other side of the courthouse doors?

  • JUDGE, Vol. 6

    JUDGE, Vol. 6

    By Yoshiki Tonogai

    All rise for the final verdict...

    With everyone playing it close to the chest, the courthouse is teeming with murderous intent. Lives are cut down, one after another, until the final four remain. At long last, the bell to signify the end of the game rings out. Will those left standing truly be able to make it out of this place alive?