Kaze No Hana
  • Kaze No Hana, Vol. 2

    Kaze No Hana, Vol. 2

    By Ushio Mizta, Akiyoshi Ohta

    Still unable to draw her spiritual sword, Suzukaze, for reasons unknown, Momoka Futami desperately searches for clues to her past. Struggling with her feelings of helplessness, Momoka finds unexpected support from two fellow spiritual sword wielders who vow to help her untangle the truth from the web of lies spun by the Mitsurugis. The truth about the incident that destroyed the Futami family four years ago is finally revealed!

  • Kaze No Hana, Vol. 3

    Kaze No Hana, Vol. 3

    By Ushio Mizta, Akiyoshi Ohta

    A well-planned infiltration of the Mitsurugi house by the Shichijou Group leaves the Tonomori and Himekari unable to use, much less locate, their spiritual swords. They then look to Momoka and the dark secret surrounding her past to help them regain their power. Overwhelmed by the burden of their sudden revelations and expectations, Momoka withdraws into herself. Is this the end of the line for the Eight Masters?