• Murciélago, Vol. 1

    Murciélago, Vol. 1

    By Yoshimurakana

  • Murciélago, Vol. 2

    Murciélago, Vol. 2

    By Yoshimurakana

    A rich old man has transformed his mansion into a twisted and deadly fun house. His goal: to make a sport of slaughtering Japan's criminal population! Can Kuroko Koumori, psychotic murderer-turned-hired gun for the police, manage to escape? Or will she be taken out by the most perilous of foes--a personal maid with a penchant for dismemberment?

  • Murciélago, Vol. 3

    Murciélago, Vol. 3

    By Yoshimurakana

    As a former mass murderer, Kuroko Koumori knows a thing or two about how killers think. A string of deaths points straight to an ex-con-turned-business mogul who used to skin the faces off his victims. But could it be a red herring? As chaos unfolds at the local amusement park, it might just be Kuroko's partner, Hinako, who's closest to the truth!

  • Murciélago, Vol. 4

    Murciélago, Vol. 4

    By Yoshimurakana

    In order to save Nanami, Kuroko has infiltrated the Virginal Rose, a group of women who have isolated themselves from the outside world. Surrounded by dozens of lovely ladies who have no interest in men, Kuroko might end up becoming a permanent member! But could there be a darker side to this group? As Kuroko loses the will to resist, her fate may depend on the ninja skills of "Stealth Hinako"...

  • Murciélago, Vol. 5

    Murciélago, Vol. 5

    By Yoshimurakana

    A young girl is abducted in the rain and found strangled to death. The police, completely stumped, call ex-mass murderer Kuroko Koumori for help. As more and more girls disappear, can Kuroko solve the case and take down the perp?

  • Murciélago, Vol. 6

    Murciélago, Vol. 6

    By Yoshimurakana

    Now under Kuroko's care, Rinko has just transferred to Hinako's school, and things are already off to a bad start! A sudden explosion rocks the school, and Kuroko is called in to catch the one responsible for the attack. But before she can get started, the culprit turns herself in voluntarily! Is this girl really the bomber, or is there something even more sinister behind the scenes...?

  • Murciélago, Vol. 7

    Murciélago, Vol. 7

    By Yoshimurakana

  • Murciélago, Vol. 8

    Murciélago, Vol. 8

    By Yoshimurakana

    After a chemical weapon attack on the police department, Kuroko tracks down the extremist group responsible and goes on the offensive! Will she be able to bring the organization's members to justice, or will this case end up unsolved?

  • Murciélago, Vol. 9

    Murciélago, Vol. 9

    By Yoshimurakana

    Kuroko's battle against Higaki, the leader of the Sakura Pruning Group, Higaki, begins! Kuroko gets the feeling that Higaki's got an accomplice behind the scenes, but will she even be able to figure what his true goal is? Experience the "Sakura" of Oblivion arc's thrilling conclusion!

  • Murciélago, Vol. 10

    By Yoshimurakana

    It's summer vacation for Hinako, and everyone's going to the aquarium! But once they've made it to the shark tank, they find a human hand inside...

  • Murciélago, Vol. 11

    By Yoshimurakana