Renaissance Eve
  • Renaissance Eve, Vol. 1

    Renaissance Eve, Vol. 1

    By Shamu Ito

    A, B, AB, O...

    These are the common blood types with which most people are familiar, but there are rarer strains in the world, "hidden blood types." Individuals possessing these are called "strangebloods," and they are imbues with incredible abilities by the very blood flowing through their veins.

    But what happens when all of these disparate blood types come together? The result is rumored to be the legendary "Blood of Wisdom" which bestows god-like power. Little surprise, then, that more than a few unsavory characters are actively pursuing this awesome power. Can Chiaki Kaminaga and his friend Kaguya Daidouji survive this blood hunt...?

  • Renaissance Eve, Vol. 2

    Renaissance Eve, Vol. 2

    By Shamu Ito

    Having barely managed to survive their encounter with Vino, Chiaki and Kaguya have managed to come away with several new strangeblood allies. Focused on a common goal of obtaining the Blood of Wisdom, the group strategizes their next step. When Chiaki's treatment at the hands of Dr. Munakata, though, seems to have unearthed a foreboding new ability, the group is forced to second guess their every move and fear for their very futures!

  • Renaissance Eve, Vol. 3

    Renaissance Eve, Vol. 3

    By Shamu Ito

    With Kaguya having severed ties with the group, Chiaki, Ai, Renji, and Furuya are left to conduct their own investigations into Vino. Their plan? Infliltrate St. Januarius Academy, a school funded by Vino and populated entirely by strangebloods!

    When it becomes clear that there's more going on behind the scenes at the school than meets the eye, will Chiaki and his friends discover that they've bitten off more than they can chew...?

  • Renaissance Eve, Vol. 4

    Renaissance Eve, Vol. 4

    By Shamu Ito

    Chiaki and Kaguya have been reunited, but only to have their friendship collapse?? Why did Kaguya abandon his friends, and what exactly does he hope to achieve chasing down the Blood of Wisdom on his own? But Kaguya isn't the only one with his eyes on that particular prize... Julius Xerxes clearly has his own plans for the ultimate strangeblood power, but what are the chances that his ambitions and Kaguya's are aligned?

    It's the final volume of Renaissance Eve, and a showdown seems inevitable! When the dust settles, can Chiaki salvage his friendship with Kaguya -- or even survive...?