• Saki, Vol. 1

    Saki, Vol. 1

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    Saki's never been a big fan of mahjong. A lifetime of being forced to play with family at holidays (and losing her money as a consequence...) has left a foul taste for the game in her mouth. When she's convinced, though, to play a game with her classmates, she discovers that not only has fending off her family left her with an uncanny ability for the game but, more surprisingly, that it can even be fun!

    Is this revelation enough to cleanse Saki's distaste for the game? Can her classmates convince her to join their club, or is there just too much baggage to make it worth her while?

    If you're looking for the number one mahjong manga out there, you've found it!

  • Saki, Vol. 2

    Saki, Vol. 2

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    The prefectural qualifiers have arrived, and the girls from Kiyosumi have their sights set on the nationals! Nodoka and Saki have grown immensely through their training, but with schools like Kazekoshi and Ryumonbuchi competing, are they even in the same league...?

    Maybe what all the girls need is a bit of TACO POWER!!

  • Saki, Vol. 3

    By Ritz Kobayashi

  • Saki, Vol. 4

    Saki, Vol. 4

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    The final four schools have comparable scores as they head into the second to last round of the prefectural qualifier finals, but Toka Ryumonbuchi stands in Nodoka's way. They're both said to be among the best online mahjong players in the prefecture-maybe even the nation-so which of them will dominate this showdown!?

  • Saki, Vol. 5

    Saki, Vol. 5

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    At long last, it's Saki's turn to play in the finals, and a trip to the National High School Mahjong Tournament is on the line. Fortunately for her (and unbeknownst to her opponents), Saki's mahjong defies reason. But she's not the only monster at the table! Koromo Amae makes her appearance, playing with a style that leaves her opponents scarred for life!

  • Saki, Vol. 6

    Saki, Vol. 6

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    Saki Miyanaga, the last remaining flower in bloom, has fallen under the "Demon's" rule, but even so, her passionate fighting spirit blazes up as she takes a good look at where she began. And now, after having evolved once more, the prodigy blossoms again in all her glory at the mahjong table!!

  • Saki, Vol. 7

    Saki, Vol. 7

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    The last hand has come to the prefectural qualifier team tournament finals! Can Saki Miyanaga evade the domination of the "Demon," Koromo Amae, who has a large lead, and get a ticket to the national tournament?

  • Saki, Vol. 8

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    After the combined four-school training camp is over, Kiyosumi High School Mahjong Club greets the summer with enthusiasm. The battle to decide the top high school mahjong players in Japan begins here...

  • Saki, Vol. 9

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    The first match at the National High School Mahjong Tournament has begun for the Kiyosumi High School, but their opponents aren't going to make it easy! From the sly Hiroe Atago to the otherworldly priestess Komaki Jindai, Saki and her team are in for a fight!

  • Saki, Vol. 10

    Saki, Vol. 10

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    It's time for Nodoka and Saki to play in the National High School Mahjong Tournament, and their competition grows ever more fearsome! In order for Kiyosumi High School's to succeed here, they'll ave to deal with demonic spirits, cunning tactics, and a player who "strangles" her targets from behind!

  • Saki, Vol. 11

    Saki, Vol. 11

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    The turbulent quarterfinals of the National High School Mahjong Tournament draw to a close! Can Saki overcome the cunning traps, hidden weapons, and divine powers of her opponents...and bring Kiyosumi High School to the semifinals?

  • Saki, Vol. 12

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    The National High School Mahjong Tournament semi-finals commence, and Kiyosumi High faces off against their hardest opponents yet! Yuuki has a new, rapid-fire style that she hopes will propel the team to victory. But will it work against the cunning Satoha Tsujigaito--the 3rd-strongest high school mahjong player in all of Japan?

  • Saki, Vol. 13

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    The semifinals of the National High School Mahjong Tournament ramp up as Kiyosumi's captain Hisa Takei sits down to play. She's primed to give a better showing after her disastrous performance last round, but will the "Wind God," Myeonghwa Choi, blow her hopes away?

  • Saki, Vol. 14

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    It's Nodoka's turn in the semifinals of the National High School Mahjong Tournament, and her opponents are well aware of her high-speed, logical style. But can Nodoka survive Rinkai Girls' High School's Megan Davin and her dangerous tile-slinging duels?

  • Saki, Vol. 15

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    Kiyosumi High School's one match away from reaching finals at the 71st National High School Mahjong Tournament, and it's up to Saki to bring it home. She's already familiar with how strong Himematsu's Kyoko can be, but her other two opponents, Rinkai's Nelly Virsaladze and Usuzan's Sawaya Shihihara, are downright frightening! Mysterious forces are at work as the semifinals reach their climax...!

  • Saki, Vol. 16

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    The final four have emerged for the 71st National High School Mahjong Tournament, but right before their match is the decider for fifth place.While it might seem like a glorified exhibition match, there's more at stake here than just pride...namely, school rankings for next year's competition!

  • Saki, Vol. 17

    By Ritz Kobayashi

    As the fifth place match continues, Saki runs into her sister Teru at long last! But how do the Miyanaga sisters really feel about each other? Teru remembers her early days at Shiraitodai High School, and her complicated relationship with mahjong...