Triage X
  • Triage X, Vol. 1

    Triage X, Vol. 1

    By Shouji Sato

  • Triage X, Vol. 2

    Triage X, Vol. 2

    By Shouji Sato

    When two police detectives get involved in their operation, the nurses of Mochizuki Hospital must wield their instruments-katana, machine gun, and pistol-with even greater precision to excise the cancerous Masaki. As each nurse uses her particular specialty to dispatch Masaki's thugs, Arashi pursues the root himself. Arashi may struggle with his piecemeal identity, but treating this human virus is something both sides of him are sure of...

  • Triage X, Vol. 3

    Triage X, Vol. 3

    By Shouji Sato

    When a black-label target recognizes Mikoto on an extermination operation, Arashi is troubled by the realization that he knows little of his teammate's past. But as Arashi's unsympathetic attitude only widens the distance between them, Mikoto finds herself confiding in another-a new student, Chikage, whose burn scars are proof that her childhood holds painful tragedy as well...

  • Triage X, Vol. 4

    Triage X, Vol. 4

    By Shouji Sato

  • Triage X, Vol. 5

    Triage X, Vol. 5

    By Shouji Sato

  • Triage X, Vol. 6

    Triage X, Vol. 6

    By Shouji Sato

    Time ticks by as the police formulate their next move to draw out the terrorist group that has taken over NEO TV. Any further delay could result in one of the top stars facing his or her death, but every effort to save them seems to play right into the enemy's hands! But the idols may not be the terrorists' true objective - the carefully planned takeover seems to have been designed specifically for Oriha and Black Label!

  • Triage X, Vol. 7

    Triage X, Vol. 7

    By Shouji Sato

    A team of fierce combatants calling themselves "Syringe" squares off against Ampule Zero near Tobiaka Harbor. Who are these powerful warriors whose strength rivals even that of the elite Black Label crew?

    Black Label's own shrouded past gradually comes to light as the battle for the city rages on...

  • Triage X, Vol. 8

    Triage X, Vol. 8

    By Shouji Sato

  • Triage X, Vol. 9

    Triage X, Vol. 9

    By Shouji Sato

    Kaoru and Kaori are superpowered twins, the product of an unhinged, unethical maker. Their shadowy past merges with Hitsugi's own origins, a burden she carries as heavily as the coffin on her back. But Hitsugi is breaking free of her past and committing herself to doing Black Label's good work. The first order of business: wiping out a pair of red-haired blemishes on the face of the city!

  • Triage X, Vol. 10

    Triage X, Vol. 10

    By Shouji Sato

    Black Label continues its investigation into the distribution of Platinum Lily, a dangerous mind-altering drug that has hit the Tobioka black market. But its efforts so far have drawn the attention of a dangerous new enemy...

  • Triage X, Vol. 11

    Triage X, Vol. 11

    By Shouji Sato

    Mikoto--that is, "Miko Honma"--knew that going undercover at Misumi Private High School would carry some risks, but her support role quickly puts her on the front line of an all-out battle with Syringe! With the revelation that the school's shining star, Reika, is pulling the strings at Syringe, the pieces begin to fall into place--and the complete picture looks dire for Black Label!

  • Triage X, Vol. 12

    Triage X, Vol. 12

    By Shouji Sato

  • Triage X, Vol. 13

    Triage X, Vol. 13

    By Shouji Sato

    A new, unknown jet injector is lose in the city, sowing the seeds of chaos and death. The humans she infects turn into frothing, raving white-haired maniacs driven to torture and kill. And what's worse--anyone who comes into close contact with these monsters is liable to become one themselves. Tatara and Suzue are in trouble--will Black Label reach them in time!?

  • Triage X, Vol. 14

    Triage X, Vol. 14

    By Shouji Sato

    It's three against one as Arashi faces off against Syringe on his home turf. It might be too late to save the high school, but they've got a slim hope of saving the city if Black Label can stop the rising tide of D99-infected zombies before it's too late. With Mikoto's life on the line, Arashi and Oriha head into battle...!

  • Triage X, Vol. 15

    Triage X, Vol. 15

    By Shouji Sato

  • Triage X, Vol. 16

    Triage X, Vol. 16

    By Shouji Sato

  • Triage X, Vol. 17

    Triage X, Vol. 17

    By Shouji Sato

    Overcoming absolute peril, the red cross gathers back up. Black Label's counterattack commences!

    Mikoto and Chikage have joined back up with Oriha, but they're back in danger when the High Jetters of Syringe incite the evacuees. Suddenly, the sound of a 45ACP Long Slide's firing rings out...!

  • Triage X, Vol. 18

    By Shouji Sato

    The unexpected appearance of Yuuko's twin sister spurs Tsurugi and Yuuko's unlikely friendship. But with Yuuko captured and hidden away, Tsurugi tells their tale and the truth of Yuuko's, and Yoko's, past.