Very! Very! Sweet
  • Very! Very! Sweet, Vol. 2

    Very! Very! Sweet, Vol. 2

    By Ji-Sang Shin, Geo

    The fur may have been flying at their first meeting, but things have eased up a little between Be-Ri and Tsuyoshi. Their newfound neighborliness raises Mi-Hyuk's hackles, however, prompting him to make a bid for Be-Ri's affections. And as Tsuyoshi defends her from the oncoming love attack, no one is more surprised than Be-Ri herself. But when a familiar face from Japan shows up on Tsuyoshi's doorstep, Be-Ri's not the only one who has to deal with affairs of the heart.

  • Very! Very! Sweet, Vol. 5

    Very! Very! Sweet, Vol. 5

    By Ji-Sang Shin, Geo

    Heartbroken and mortified at San-Ne's discovery of her secret affections, Be-Ri launches headfirst into a relationship with Mu-Hyuk. She's still not overly fond of him, at least not in a romantic way, but she's willing to give it a try, if only to forget about San-Ne. But Tsuyoshi isn't pleased about the new arrangement. For one thing, Mu-Hyuk is so overprotective that Tsuyoshi hardly ever gets to hang out with Be-Ri at school. For another, much to his own surprise, Tsuyoshi is unhappy at seeing Be-Ri with another guy. True, they were only "fake dating" for the sake of his grandfather, but now the old man isn't the only one thinking they should give it another go...

  • Very! Very! Sweet, Vol. 6

    Very! Very! Sweet, Vol. 6

    By Ji-Sang Shin, Geo

    Per his grandfather's instructions, Tsuyoshi has secured a Korean girlfriend . . . but he's got the wrong girl! The old man will settle for nothing short of Be-Ri, but even a cushy cat tower can't woo her back to Tsuyoshi's side . . . What about a genuine confession? With the painful realization that Tsuyoshi's affections will never favor her again, Erica decides to give up the chase. Now there's no reason for her to remain in Korea, is there? Unless . . . she's already set her sights on a new quarry!

  • Very! Very! Sweet, Vol. 7

    Very! Very! Sweet, Vol. 7

    By Ji-Sang Shin, Geo

    Tsuyoshi wanders the streets, still reeling after learning the truth of his past and the cruelty that ripped his true family apart. Unwilling to return home and face his uncle and grandfather, Tsuyoshi asks to stay with Be-Ri for the night. But Erica and Mi-Hyuk are not about to leave the two of them alone in an empty house, and Be-Ri is soon made the unwilling host of an impromptu slumber party. It's no surprise when Tsuyoshi is the first to fall asleep, but when the time comes to rouse him, Tsuyoshi remains unconscious...