Wild Animals
  • Wild Animals, Vol. 1

    Wild Animals, Vol. 1

    By Song Yang

    Coming of age during the Cultural Revolution in China, sixteen-year-old Ma Xiaojun yearns to rebel against the system. But while he manages to get into plenty of trouble with his friends, he also nurtures a more solitary side, a mysterious obsession with keys, and the desire to achieve greatness. When maturity yields a newfound interest in the opposite sex, Xiaojun finds himself intrigued by the untouchable Mi Lan. Will he ever find the key to unlock her heart?

  • Wild Animals, Vol. 2

    Wild Animals, Vol. 2

    By Song Yang

    As his sixteenth year comes to an end, Ma Xiaojun begins to lash out with increasing violence against his friends and love interests alike. Quick to anger, his uncertainty leads to regretful decisions and shocking transgressions. But as the grown Xiaojun's memories become more disconnected, even he begins to wonder where the memory ended and his imagination stepped in...