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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: The Novel (light novel)

By Tomoco Kanemaki, Tetsuya Nomura, Kazushige Nojima, Shiro Amano (Electronic Book, 2018)

It's only been seven days ...



Juvenile Fiction


Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy & Magic

Full Details

  • Format: Electronic Book
  • ISBN-13: 9781975327576
  • Price: $9.99 US / $12.99 CAN
  • On Sale Date: 11/13/2018
10 & up


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Full Description

It's only been seven days since Roxas was told by the Organization to look after a new Nobody. Though this newcomer's face and body is hidden by a hood, Roxas spends many meaningful days with this mysterious stranger...


Product Details

  • Format: Electronic Book
  • Price: $9.99 US /$12.99 CAN
  • Pages: 448
  • ISBN-13: 9781975327576
  • On Sale Date: 11/13/2018